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Tåg mot Akalla, a way to come to Kista

Every weekday morning; breakfast or not, it is Tåg mot Akalla for me. Mot Akalla is one of the destination of Stockholm metro, blue line. All Ericsson employees who work at Kista, Stockholm would know. Stockholm subway system is also known as Tunel banan.

Wake up and get out of my bed in the morning is the hardest challenge of the day for me. Somehow, completing this challenge often leads to a compromising choice. An epic battle starts between shaving, getting ready or making breakfast. You who see me in the morning should know the winner of that war :). Below is a picture of my office building.

Outside of my office.

Outside of my office.

Talking about Kista and not mentioning Kista Galleria is like eating ice cream without sugar. It is one of the biggest centrum of Stockholm containing all major shopping brands, a large food court, bars, bakery and sports bar, O´Learys. Where one can go for Bowling, Go Cart and off-course watch a championship with a beer and great friends. In other words it’s a death trap, once you are in you will never need to go anywhere else!

Kista Galleria/Centrum

Kista Galleria/Centrum

Undeniably Kista is the silicon valley of Stockholm thus lunch restaurants are very popular yet one good place I would like to mention is the latest skyscraper Victoria Tower. You can go for lunch as well as dinner. The restaurant can be considered a little expensive and portions are not that big (for me) but hey isn’t that a good restaurant’s definition. If you are visiting Victoria Tower, it worth to go to the sky bar. with a view towards Sollentuna, a recommended place for after work.

Victoria Tower, Kista

Victoria Tower, Kista

Ironic point is, I live near Solna centrum which is also a blue line stop of Stockholm subway system. A good place to live. practically, in the middle of Kista and old town. Will write about Solna in some other post. Below is a small section of Solna Tbana.

Solna Tunel Bana

Solna Tunel Bana

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Emotional Paradox: Independence or Inhumanity

November 14th an ordinary morning, woke by a phone call. While struggling to find my orientation in the bed, news from other end wanted to keep in that dilemma “Loss of a loved cousin Brother”. Continued the day just as planned even including buying goods; put me in an emotional paradox, Am I still Human?

Despite the need of supporting my life force; had a plan to buy a camera, Nikon D3200, a good beginner DSLR. Found a good offer at http://www.komplett.se, an online shop. Cost of the camera with a 18-55mm VR kit lens, 16 GB memory card and an original Nikon bag is 3700 SEK where else in the shop it cost 4000 SEK only for the camera and a regular 18-55mm AF lens, no VR. So, went to the shop (www.elgiganten.se) with a printout of the offer I found at the online shop. Ambition was to convince them to lower the price and give a similar package. Eventually succeeded and came home with a feeling of great achievement and fulfillment. A quick look of my new toys.


Seating on my couch, looking at my new toys, started thinking how important was it for me? could not avoid hearing the whispers of my inner voice, how much does the loss of a brother cost? undeniably even less than 1000 SEK.

Question arises within me, shall I be shameful or is it independence? Afraid of finding the right answer rather quest for reasons.

Living completely on my own in a big metro like Stockholm has been a delightful experience of freedom, some would call independence but are freedom and independence the name for charismatic illusions to help us think of our own benefits only? Is it the big metro to be blamed or is it myself who allowed to be developed? Perhaps there are no definite answers, individual quest to find our own answers. what is yours?

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Tale of Nordic SAGA – Explained and Expectations

Tale of Nordic SAGA is a collaborative and collective set of our experiences in these frozen land. Unlike a usual blog, Tale of Nordic SAGA is aimed to be built upon told stories from people all around the world thus encourages and welcome to write our stories and share easily with friends, family and around the globe. One common phobia lies within ourselves; we are not writers thus never write anything!. My point of view is, as long as someone can express thoughts into words is indeed a writer. Remember those emails, we wrote to tell our friends, how was the experiences? Still would not agree that a writer is within you. Often the stories are lost, write it here share it with all, in time its TALE.

Hypothetically, everyone who has visited these lands are entitled to be a part of our evolved SAGA. It’s a collaboration which is above any race, gender, religion, believe, background. Live, Work, Visit someone, Traveler, anyone who you are, tell your unique story and you will be added in the Author list

Potentially Nordic Locals are a big, essential and important part of our evolved tale. The stories of our grandparents are tales to us and it’s not even 50 years. Globalization enforces rapid changes it terms of culture, society, economy. Tell us your stories today and in no time we would be enlightened with local knowledge. A great path towards social integration.

Cultural_night_PhotoScapeWhat to write? use imagination. My imagination is to tell about Stay or Visit, Explore and Experience, Exotic places, Travel & Trips, Cultural shock, Nature, Meeting people, Friendship, Love, Hate, Grow Independent & Complete. Please add your imagination and write as you wish. Simplicity is class.

Redundancy towards enrichment. Same topic from different point of view leads unrevealed treasure of experiences. Diverse background enforces to see the same differently. Imagine learning and picturing a very known place (i.e. old town) from hundreds of others eyes, beauty of diversity; embrace the opportunity.

Last but not the least, Tale of Nordic SAGA is not about my stories. It’s about our stories, diverse imaginations, collective thoughts and collaborative stories.

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