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Post Christmas Mega SALE – A way to fill shopping cart!

Christmas has passed, streets are still quite. The only place to find some people would be the shopping center all around the city. The deal is, post-Christmas mega SALE, up till 70% in some places! This sale will continue till 6th. Everyone one seem to have one goal in mind buy something. The busy crowd gives a good vibe of positive energy and existence of a lot of life force. One disadvantage is to find proper size. So, hurry up make it fast if you wanna bring something home!

The shopping fever has spread out even on street market! A good bargain skill can be very handy at such places. Outlets are not any exception either.

For some it seemed to be a family event, a nice little gathering. People with kids or pets its an event for everyone to exercise. Stockholm started to feel like a small city! while strolling in shopping center meet a friend and his wife sharing their coffee. I was offered a share even from that share ūüôā

One important point to remember, you must keep a lot of time in hand. Mega SALE brings legendary queue.

It’s a busy time not only for the big brands but also for small caf√© shops. Being board of standing in a queue, a little ice cream break is always refreshing. Tired of caring shopping bags and waking from one shop to another, have a coffee break. Make it fun, feel the joy. Even I bought something, a DVD writer, ya I have my privilege. Never the less, well done Christmas Sale!

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Steninge Slott – Traditional Swedish Christmas market

Unless a miracle, this year we are likely going to have a dull gray Christmas, thanks to global worming.! Mid December, lack of snow started causing a little disappointment and continuous rain just nailed the last pin on the coffin.

I like rain, back at home we have monsoon rain that continues  for two months. play soccer with my mates in an open field during rain, get muddy with joy used to bring a feeling of purified soul. Lack of such days would remain as a deep scar in my heart. Here it is rain and cold; never the same. looking at the bright side, decided to experience some traditional place.

Stegnine slott at Sigtuna arranges a traditional Christmas market. Sigtuna is an old Swedish village.

How to go to Sigtuna using public transport? From Tcentalen (city), the convenient way to go to Stegnine slott/Sigtuna is to take pendal tåg (commuter train) towards Märsta and then take bus 570, 580.

For details and make your own plan, you may check http://www.sl.se. The market is significantly large, not comparable to Berlin scale though.

Christmas market at stegnine slott

Every Sunday, they arrange some events like music or fashion show etc. More details can be found here http://www.steningeslott.se/

It is a two-storied building. Both floor have cafe to sit and enjoy a worm tea with lovely company. the market is arranged in different sections. Ground floor has a lovely collection of flowers. One specially caught my eyes.

lovely contrast

lovely contrast

The other side of the ground floor has a wide collection of goodies. Perfect corner for small gifts. A little view through red glasses.


The second floor has Christmas lights, Christmas tree and good choice of different Santa clause. Personally, I liked the mini Santa, really cute!

mini Santa clause

mini Santa clause

Swedes have a reputation of unable to live without eating kanel buller (cinnamon bun) and drinking milk ūüôā Even the Christmas could not escape the deal! below is my proof. never the less, if you are in Stockholm worth giving a visit.

plateful of cinnamon (Kanel)

plateful of cinnamon (Kanel)

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First Swedish cultural shock

2007 August, a little boy flew almost the entire globe to meet all his unknown expectations. Filled with innocent thoughts, caring unrealistic hopes to see the world just as home. Until then, I was living with my family.

Anyone who saw me that day at Arlanda airport could come to a very obvious conclusion, first time in Europe!. I was fully packed with as much as warm cloths as I could put on myself. Fundamental outcome of learning about Sweden through the internet. Took the airport bus known as flygbussarna to come to the city center. Overwhelmed by breathing such fresh air, packed with enthusiasm;; went to a beautiful blond lady to ask, could you please tell me the way to go to Husby?. The immediate responses of that woman lead me to my first cultural shock in Stockholm.

The response of my gentle request was an animated known sound. One possible way to express that sound would be loudly inhale some wind (Uuussssh) with a synchronized jester of hand while lean backwards a little. Back at home, such a response would realize to a sign of scared or surprised with a bit of fear. Certainly that made me a bit nervous. Later, I learnt that its is a common Swedish way of telling affirmative!! I must say, the lady was helpful enough not just telling the way but also showing the way to the metro in person. Some memoirs are unforgettable, remains in our sub conscious mind. First cultural shock is perhaps one of those moments.

As it is told, morning shows the day! my day yet to go a long way. My cousin brother’s friends¬†were supposed to host me. My first Swedish phone call using tele2 comvic brought thunder strike upon me. My hosts will not be able to provide me accommodation since adding me in their apartment would make their living crowded. Sweet, couldn’t know it earlier. Luckily, I meet a guy in front of Bangladeshi embassy in Dhaka who had couple of friends living in Stockholm. After some eventful phone calls and intense moments, finally I managed to arrange a seat for me at kista all√©v√§g¬†to stay few nights. I must admit, my cousin’s friends were polite enough to bring me to kista, I just needed to wait 6-7 hours.

kista all√©v√§g¬†student dorms, first thing that came in my mind was a great collection of shoe boxes yet couldn’t be more grateful to find a place to sleep. It was a small 26-27 KVM studio with open kitchen and already three were living. Felt the warmth of unconditional help from my fellow country man. Made me proud to be a Bengal;¬†at the same time sad to see the misery of Bangladeshi students in abroad.

Not more than 2 days had passed, cruel reality hit me once again. Returning home sometime can be surprising. Specially if someone sees a big lock in front of the door and realizes he don’t have the keys. Calling my hosts (all 3) reviled two are not going to return at night and the other will return in 1.5 hours. It was already about 10:30 pm, so decided to go to Tcentralen, walk around the city a bit and then come home together. After walking about an hour started to freeze. Called my host again and was disappointing to hear that he will be about 1.5 hour more late. Confused as much as I could be, fall asleep on the bench at the station while waiting. Woke by a humble push of a security guard around 3:00 am, saying I am not allowed to sleep. They will seal the station for cleaning. Instant thoughts gave me an idea of taking a bus journey till morning. Had good fun, bus driver gave me quit some ride! a little high-speed ūüôā

In a nutshell, thoughtful realizations hovered in my head; this city would have a lot to offer to me. Standing at where I am today, could it be wrong.

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Xmas wind blows on the streets

Historically, Swedish society were heavily influenced by Christianity. Arguably modern swedes have crossed the boundaries of religion. I often hear, believing in God is not scientific enough. However, that could not contribute to the charm of Xmas celebration. 

It’s already December,¬†wasn’t lucky enough to hit by the gentle touch of snow yet; walking through the streets of Stockholm’s old town gives a vibe of Christmas is on our door steps. Shining lights are wrapped around many big¬†architectures. Decorative chandeliers hanging in the middle of the street creating a mesmerizing ambiance.

Tale Of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Xmas Decoration Light

Taking about environmental sustainability is a well appreciated topic. Save energy, save the world! Not to mention, how much energy does its take to light a city? There are still a significant part of our world waiting with great hope to receive a drop of man-made light. Places, where lack of power enforces development of the society. Globalization and distribution of resources across boundaries are whose responsibility, is what needs discovered. A strong debate may occur towards the survival importance of souls over satisfactions of our souls. In any case, I must encourage and emphasis the creativity of the decorations. i.e. read and white lights with shapes as depicts in the following picture.

 Tale Of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Creative Xmas Lighting

A great complement to the Xmas decorations on the street, Santa Claus sends us some ambient light from divine. Burning red together with pleasing blue with blend of purple is just magical. Let the snow fall, will mention about Xmas markets and traditions.

Tale of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Divine Xmas Gift from Santa

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