Our stay or Visit, Explore and Experince, Exotic places, Trips, Cultural shock, Nature, Meeting people, Friendship, Love, Hate, Grow Independent & Complete; Stories in my heart a Tale of Nordic SAGA

Christmas has passed, streets are still quite. The only place to find some people would be the shopping center all around the city. The deal is, post-Christmas mega SALE, up till 70% in some places! This sale will continue till 6th. Everyone one seem to have one goal in mind buy something. The busy crowd gives a good vibe of positive energy and existence of a lot of life force. One disadvantage is to find proper size. So, hurry up make it fast if you wanna bring something home!

The shopping fever has spread out even on street market! A good bargain skill can be very handy at such places. Outlets are not any exception either.

For some it seemed to be a family event, a nice little gathering. People with kids or pets its an event for everyone to exercise. Stockholm started to feel like a small city! while strolling in shopping center meet a friend and his wife sharing their coffee. I was offered a share even from that share 🙂

One important point to remember, you must keep a lot of time in hand. Mega SALE brings legendary queue.

It’s a busy time not only for the big brands but also for small café shops. Being board of standing in a queue, a little ice cream break is always refreshing. Tired of caring shopping bags and waking from one shop to another, have a coffee break. Make it fun, feel the joy. Even I bought something, a DVD writer, ya I have my privilege. Never the less, well done Christmas Sale!

If you prefer dynamic view and interactive reading, go to the twin blog of Tale Of Nordic SAGA



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