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Steninge Slott – Traditional Swedish Christmas market

Unless a miracle, this year we are likely going to have a dull gray Christmas, thanks to global worming.! Mid December, lack of snow started causing a little disappointment and continuous rain just nailed the last pin on the coffin.

I like rain, back at home we have monsoon rain that continues  for two months. play soccer with my mates in an open field during rain, get muddy with joy used to bring a feeling of purified soul. Lack of such days would remain as a deep scar in my heart. Here it is rain and cold; never the same. looking at the bright side, decided to experience some traditional place.

Stegnine slott at Sigtuna arranges a traditional Christmas market. Sigtuna is an old Swedish village.

How to go to Sigtuna using public transport? From Tcentalen (city), the convenient way to go to Stegnine slott/Sigtuna is to take pendal tåg (commuter train) towards Märsta and then take bus 570, 580.

For details and make your own plan, you may check http://www.sl.se. The market is significantly large, not comparable to Berlin scale though.

Christmas market at stegnine slott

Every Sunday, they arrange some events like music or fashion show etc. More details can be found here http://www.steningeslott.se/

It is a two-storied building. Both floor have cafe to sit and enjoy a worm tea with lovely company. the market is arranged in different sections. Ground floor has a lovely collection of flowers. One specially caught my eyes.

lovely contrast

lovely contrast

The other side of the ground floor has a wide collection of goodies. Perfect corner for small gifts. A little view through red glasses.


The second floor has Christmas lights, Christmas tree and good choice of different Santa clause. Personally, I liked the mini Santa, really cute!

mini Santa clause

mini Santa clause

Swedes have a reputation of unable to live without eating kanel buller (cinnamon bun) and drinking milk 🙂 Even the Christmas could not escape the deal! below is my proof. never the less, if you are in Stockholm worth giving a visit.

plateful of cinnamon (Kanel)

plateful of cinnamon (Kanel)

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