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Xmas wind blows on the streets

Historically, Swedish society were heavily influenced by Christianity. Arguably modern swedes have crossed the boundaries of religion. I often hear, believing in God is not scientific enough. However, that could not contribute to the charm of Xmas celebration. 

It’s already December, wasn’t lucky enough to hit by the gentle touch of snow yet; walking through the streets of Stockholm’s old town gives a vibe of Christmas is on our door steps. Shining lights are wrapped around many big architectures. Decorative chandeliers hanging in the middle of the street creating a mesmerizing ambiance.

Tale Of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Xmas Decoration Light

Taking about environmental sustainability is a well appreciated topic. Save energy, save the world! Not to mention, how much energy does its take to light a city? There are still a significant part of our world waiting with great hope to receive a drop of man-made light. Places, where lack of power enforces development of the society. Globalization and distribution of resources across boundaries are whose responsibility, is what needs discovered. A strong debate may occur towards the survival importance of souls over satisfactions of our souls. In any case, I must encourage and emphasis the creativity of the decorations. i.e. read and white lights with shapes as depicts in the following picture.

 Tale Of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Creative Xmas Lighting

A great complement to the Xmas decorations on the street, Santa Claus sends us some ambient light from divine. Burning red together with pleasing blue with blend of purple is just magical. Let the snow fall, will mention about Xmas markets and traditions.

Tale of Nordic SAGA@Zakaria

Divine Xmas Gift from Santa

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