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Tale of Nordic SAGA – Explained and Expectations

Tale of Nordic SAGA is a collaborative and collective set of our experiences in these frozen land. Unlike a usual blog, Tale of Nordic SAGA is aimed to be built upon told stories from people all around the world thus encourages and welcome to write our stories and share easily with friends, family and around the globe. One common phobia lies within ourselves; we are not writers thus never write anything!. My point of view is, as long as someone can express thoughts into words is indeed a writer. Remember those emails, we wrote to tell our friends, how was the experiences? Still would not agree that a writer is within you. Often the stories are lost, write it here share it with all, in time its TALE.

Hypothetically, everyone who has visited these lands are entitled to be a part of our evolved SAGA. It’s a collaboration which is above any race, gender, religion, believe, background. Live, Work, Visit someone, Traveler, anyone who you are, tell your unique story and you will be added in the Author list

Potentially Nordic Locals are a big, essential and important part of our evolved tale. The stories of our grandparents are tales to us and it’s not even 50 years. Globalization enforces rapid changes it terms of culture, society, economy. Tell us your stories today and in no time we would be enlightened with local knowledge. A great path towards social integration.

Cultural_night_PhotoScapeWhat to write? use imagination. My imagination is to tell about Stay or Visit, Explore and Experience, Exotic places, Travel & Trips, Cultural shock, Nature, Meeting people, Friendship, Love, Hate, Grow Independent & Complete. Please add your imagination and write as you wish. Simplicity is class.

Redundancy towards enrichment. Same topic from different point of view leads unrevealed treasure of experiences. Diverse background enforces to see the same differently. Imagine learning and picturing a very known place (i.e. old town) from hundreds of others eyes, beauty of diversity; embrace the opportunity.

Last but not the least, Tale of Nordic SAGA is not about my stories. It’s about our stories, diverse imaginations, collective thoughts and collaborative stories.

If you prefer dynamic view and interactive reading, go to the twin blog of Tale Of Nordic SAGA

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